Mistress Christine is
Coaching Dominatrix

What is Coaching?
Coaching in the 1980's was then seen as a way to help entrepreneurs and executives cope, but has now become a tool for people from all walks of life who want to make changes and improve their life.

It's about working in partnership with a coach who will support, encourage, and challenge you to strive to reach your goals, either in your personal or professional life.

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching starts now and looks forward, rather than looking back into the past.

Professional and personal coaching addresses the whole person, is action oriented, and aims to leave clients positively motivated and in a better position to contribute to their companies and families.

Coaching is carried out via email, making it very time efficient and focused.

Everything discussed is held in confidence, and the client sets the agenda.

Coaches are non judgemental and will bring their total commitment to each client. Through questioning, they will explore issues and challenges, helping clients to identify goals and barriers. Coaching will help to keep clients focused.

There are as many approaches and styles of coaching as there are coaches. My own style uses techniques learned as a dominatrix to help clients overcome obstacles and achieve success in their lives.

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