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Coaching is a one on one relationship with a professional who works with you to help clarify and articulate what you want most from life and how to achieve it.

Domination and submission are best as balanced fantasies, the consensual transfer of power between adults who share their interests in bdsm. This exchange is done within constraints that have been negotiated by the people involved.

Coaching is a one on one relationship with a professional.

The Coaching Dominatrix blends these two concepts, offering a very unique approach to help you achieve the results you seek in life, work, relationships, and spiritual growth. The Coaching Dominatrix can help you overcome the obstacles you encounter along the way.

If you are considering hiring me, you will be hiring a person with a unique style and approach. My web sites will help you decide if I could be the right coach for you.

I provide one on one professional consultation via email to those in and out of the bdsm lifestyle. You don't have to be kinky to benefit from my coaching, but if you are it won't hurt ;-)

I enjoy working with those who understand and embrace the power exchange lifestyle. While my service is not traditional email domination, with submissive clients I may employ the techniques learned from my many years as a well known and respected Dominatrix. With my dominant clients I sometimes advocate they use similar techniques in their lives.

The Coaching Dominatrix offers a very unique approach to Coaching.

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