Mistress Christine is
Coaching Dominatrix

If you are thinking about hiring me as your coach, you probably want to get a better sense of who I am, my experience, personality, and more.

I have always been unconventional. My life as a Dominatrix and author of erotica probably proves that.

I have always tried to live life to it's fullest, seeking fun and fulfillment for myself, and those around me. I am always seeking the next adventure.

I am always seeking the next adventure.

Through coaching I hope to use what I have learned throughout my life to help my clients clarify and articulate what they want most from life, and how to achieve it. I believe that through questioning and challenging assumptions, together we will discover where you want to go in life, and how to get there.

I believe that through strict direction and accountability, I can help you attain these goals.

I was born in England. I found it to be stifling, and an impossible place to live my life as I wanted and publish my works without interference. For that reason, I moved away at my first opportunity.

Now I split my time between a wonderful home north of Lisbon, and a beach home in a nature reserve on the Silver coast.

I started my professional career as an employee for a major insurance company. After a stint there as a computer programmer, I started my own business which I ran successfully for a number of years. Eventually, I found that I could not explore BDSM as much as I desired while still running the business, so I sold it to become a full time Dominatrix, erotic author and counsellor. I now own a submissive who I've delegated to control my business interests in Portugal. This allows me to focus on what I love. Domination has been a wonderful lifestyle for me, now my role as "The Coaching Dominatrix" is an extension of that lifestyle.

I hope to use what I have learned throughout my life to help my clients.

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