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Here are just some of the positive remarks made by Satisfied Clients

"I have personally learned from you and your program. You were a large part of teaching me to be the Domme that I am and I thank you for everything."

- Marilyn, Florida

"Mistress Christine has helped to keep me on track financially. She has a powerful sense of the positive and helped to concentrate my mind in many ways. Even emotionally, I was surprised at how I was able to respond to her intelligence and her plain common sense."

- Tim, London

"I am a French fem-dom, my slave julien has now been taught to desire to become a better slave for my benefit which is one of the things that Mistress Christine's coaching brought us. The web, and any books I had previously read, treated this subject as if what the males want is to be severely whipped by a leather clad, castrating 'bitch'. The truth is, that the idea of having to orally satisfy my desires whenever and wherever I say is the most exciting sexual thought that my slave can conjure up. How I dress is my choice, and whether I feel the need to punish him is up to me. My satisfaction is followed by my 'firm belief' that if he wants any more sexual pleasure than he gets from serving me, then he should take care of it himself, but obviously only when it is supervised or permitted by me.

The fact that I am now comfortable with all of that is entirely due to Ms Christine. As a couple we are both now able to relax and become much more aroused than we would be in 'conventional situations'. This is a far cry from what is generally found in the dominating female category if you search the web. Mistress Christine approaches these issues in a very healthy fashion. More importantly, both lovers end up as winners.

We were lucky that Ms Christine agreed to take us both as her clients and guide each of us separately by e-mail. She is open minded and understanding and never tried to impose her own styles but encouraged us to practice our bdsm in our own ways, which greatly helped us both to bring our ideas and fantasies into our lives. She assisted us to overcome the little stumbles we had on our journey.

We feel that without her encouragement and support, we might have failed, or as Ms Christine says, taken maybe a little longer to succeed."

- Michelle. Bordeaux

"I was addicted to adult websites and masturbation, but Ms Christine broke those habits for me and now I have a successful corporation and a happy wife. I owe Ms Christine a debt of gratitude for all her efforts."

- Louis. Texas

"The obedience you inspire in me has taught me my true nature. You demonstrate your superior intelligence in your control over me. I adore being totally devoted to all your needs."

- Oscar. New Zealand

"I now have a new attitude thanks to you Christine! You gave me exactly the kind of instruction that I needed. I didn't know where to start with my husband wanting me to dominate him. I thought whips and chains. But he only wanted me to take control of my own sexual pleasure. I am now able to use him in any way that I want to get my satisfaction, and the more careless I seem to be about his needs the more he says he likes it. I can't believe how lucky I am!"

- Janice. Idaho

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