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Privacy Policy
I will always respect your right to privacy. I do not use cookies or any other method to try to track you on my site. I do not collect or archive private, personally identifiable information about you surreptitiously. I do not make it a condition that you provide any personal information whatsoever in order to view the contents of my site. You may review the contents of my site in complete privacy.

I will not spam or abuse your email: your email address is never given out, rented, or sold to advertisers.

I keep all financial and personal data private. I will collect only the data necessary to fulfill my commitment to you, should you chose to hire me as your Coach. I do not gather such data for any other purpose either online or offline. Payment methods to ensure complete privacy and secrecy are easily arranged.

No information from financial transactions is ever given out, rented, or sold to advertisers. After a transaction between us is completed, I keep only those financial records necessary for normal, private and internal business and legal/tax record keeping.

I will safeguard any/all sensitive data: No sensitive information of any type is stored on The CoachingDominatrix.com nor on any of my public web servers. All my records needed to complete a financial transaction or to maintain normal, private business and tax records are kept on a non-public system that is physically and logically separate from the public web servers, and guarded by protective hardware and software devices and methods.

Please email me if you have any concerns or comments. I am ready to help you in the event that you feel any practice, action, or policy here compromises your privacy in any way.

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Privacy Policy

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