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Some more feedback from Clients

Feed back from coaching clients Audrey and Keith (names changed).

From: Audrey
Date: 1st March 2021


You been really helpful in coaching me over the last few years to take a dominant role for my sex addicted husband. Combined with the ideas generated by your FemDom software I've been able to keep my husband happy obedient and faithful. It is wonderful to have him come home from work eager to please me in every way, not just sexually. He now makes a great housemaid. Watching my soaps with him as a footrest when he has no chores to do is a realxing way to pass many an evening.

As you know my husband, Keith, has always been oversexed, but now responds very well to daily discipline. As long as I see to it that he gets at least six with the cane every day then he no longer has any interest in looking elsewhere, no more issues with him looking at other women in the office. He still masturbates, but only with my permission and in ways I instruct. If I give him a ring and make him go to the executive washroom and jerk off with deap heat cream on his balls while I listen to his begging and pleading on his mobile, he has no interest in anything else until after his evening caning.

I have a new question for you. I think you mentioned this one time on your DOMestic blog which I try to keep up with. I saw there that you discussed having a professional punish or discipline your partner. I think you said that if you were unable to do this for your submissive partner, perhaps due to absence or ill health, then you would have to employ a professional to do it for you.

Fortunately I'm not suffering with any health issues myself, but my partner is a successful businessman, and he has recently been promoted to senior auditing position for a large multinational in the financial sector. He will soon have to regularly travel to major cities like London. Often when auditing a company he will have to spend a whole week or more in hotel accomodation while supervising a local team.

Obviously I'll be unable to keep my usual close eye on his sexual activity while he is away. I want to continue to supervise his wanking and keep him from misbehaving, but a chastity device is not really ideal, or enough, in such long distance circumstances.

What would work for me would be to find a professional dominatrix who could visit discreetly and discipline him in his hotel room under my supervision and guidance. I'd like to be able to phone her myself and decide what punishment he was to receive and when, and send the dominant to visit him at a time I decide. Then I could phone him and tell him to be in his hotel room at a given time to wait for his punishment. In this way he would feel under my complete control during his leisure time while away, and would not be tempted to stray in any way.

I know this is a big ask, but do you know of such a lady in the city of London? That is where he is likely to go next. If this idea works, I may want to ask you to recommend other ladies elsewhere in the UK, and abroad.

By way of thanks once again for all your help, the usual is on the way.



Ordering a dominant escort to discipline your husband.

Reply from Ms Christine to Audrey and Keith (names changed).

From: Ms Christine
Date: 20th March 2021


5 I'm so glad to hear that the training of 'Keith' is working so well.

I can see why having a dominatrix visit Keith appeals, and I thoroughly approve of the plan to keep him under control while he is away from home.

While I have no personal experience with a dominatrix currently working in London, I can suggest an escort review service which has several suitable ladies in the London area so you may want to look at the London Bdsm receiving escorts reviews.

I think that the London link to bdsm specialists in the city will work for you this first time. You'll notice that the escorts are reviewed by their clients to help you find one recommended by others. Please keep me up to date on how the service performs for you, and more importantly how well Keith is disciplined, as that's the part I love reading about. :-)

When Keith is travelling to other cities the escort review service should be helpful to you. I've had a look at the main site and they cover all the major UK towns and cities.

Let me know if and when you need me to find something similar for you out of the country.

Until I find such a worldwide service for you it would be great if folk recommended suitable visiting Dominant escorts elsewhere in the world and added them to the database on Dungeons.net

Thanks as usual for your regular support received.


Christine at MsChristine.com

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